NICU Consultant (Dubai1)

  • A.TCOM
  • 29 Apr, 2020
Full time Pediatric Neonatology

Job Description

Our Client is one of the top-notch busiest private hospitals in Dubai, UAE seeking an Neonatology Consultant to join their Team and provide their patient with the best consultant.

Duties and responsibilities listed below.

  • You will be responsible for managing the assigned clinics as per the approved Rota by the CMO
  • Will be responsible for initial assessment, requesting investigation, analyzing the results, diagnosis, treatment, and re-assessment on follow-up
  • Will admit the patients under your care whenever indicated within the limits of approved and assigned privileges
  • Will prescribe or administer therapy, medication, and other specialized medical care to treat or prevent illness or disease.
  • Will explain procedures and discuss diagnostic results or prescribed treatments with the patients and your attendants
  • Will be responsible for monitoring the patient’s condition and progress and re-evaluate / reassessment and treat the patient accordingly
  • Will refer patient to other specialists when necessary, also consultant with, or provide consulting services to, other physicians whenever requested.
  • You must take daily rounds for your inpatients and referred patients.
  • You must write the patients complete medical record on time and also update the progress notes on same time.
  • You should authenticate and sing the medical record/progress notes with date, time and employee ID number, stamp every time. You must also review and countersign all junior medical staff notes related to their patients.
  • Will be responsible for approving the discharge summary, follow-ups, medical report of your patients.
  • Will ensure the implementation of all the approved policies and procedures, rules, regulations, protocols and guidelines, clinical pathways that guide and support the provision of clinical services.
  • Will direct and coordinate activities of nurses, assistants, specialists, therapists, and other medical staff in patient care.
  • Will contribute to the development of policies and procedures as part of the continuous quality improvement of your department.
  • Will serve on department / hospital comities as requested.
  • Will ensure that Islamic Values and medical ethics are respected  and strictly observed
  • Will be on-call as per hospital policy, as needed and will assume the duties of coordinator of department.


Working Condition

  • Working Hours: 48 Hours / Week
  • Working Days: 6 Days / Week
  • Shifts: Straight Shifts, Morning and/or Afternoon Shifts
  • On Call Duties: Divided per the number of Consultants
  • Contract Period 2 Years Renewable
  • Probation Period 3 Months
  • Over Time: applicable
  • End of Service: Labor law


Minimum Qualifications Requirements listed below.

  • Medical School:  MD, MBBS, MBChB or equivalent qualification from an accredited institution
  • Postgraduate Training: Completion of Residency in Pediatrics / Neonatology as per the Recognized Specialty Certificate table OPTION 1 Below
  • Clinical Work Experience: Not Less than 2 years post Specialty Qualification
  • English Proficiency Test:  Required if the graduate’s education was not taught in English.  TOEFL – a minimum score of 500; or IELTS – a minimum band of 5.0; Occupational English Test (OET) - minimum of grade C or equivalent.
  • License: DHA or DHCC License is a Plus


Other Requirements:

  • Joining Date: Immediate Joining (~ 1 Month)

Option 1:

  • Australia: Fellowship of the Royal College/Colleges
  • Canada: Specialization Certificate of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC)
  • Ireland: Certificate of Satisfactory Completion of Specialist Training (CSCST)
  • New Zealand: Fellowship of the Royal College/Colleges
  • (the fellowship should be by Exam and not an endorsed or elected fellowship)
  • United Kingdom: Fellowship of The Royal College of Physicians WITH CCT or CCST
  • United States of America: American Board Certificates issued by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS)
  • Austria: Facharztdiplom (Diploma of medical specialist) issued by ÖsterreichischeArztekammer
  • Belgium: Bijzondereberoepstitel van geneesheerspecialist/Titre professionnel particuier de médecin spécialiste awarded by the Minister bevoegdvoor Volksgezoondheid/Ministre de la Santé Publique (Formal evidence of having qualified as a medical specialist issued by the Minister of Public Health)
  • Denmark: Bevis for tilladelsetil at betegne sig somspeciallaege (Certificate concerning the title of Specialist -Issued by Authority of health services (Sundhedsstyrelsen).
  • Greece: Τίτλoς IατρικήςΕιδικότητας (Certificate of medical specialisation -awarded by Greek region of medical specialization)
  • Finland: Erikoislääkarin tutkinto/ Special läkarexamen (Certificate of degree of specialist in medicine awarded by a Finnish University).
  • France: CES; DES; DESC or DIS
  • Germany: Fachärztliche Anerkennung/Urkunde (Certificate of medical specialist issued by State’s Medical Council (Arztekammer))
  • Italy: Diploma of specialized doctor granted by a rector of an Italian university (A Diploma di (medico) specialista, rilasciati dal rettore di unauniversita)
  • Japan: Clinical PhD Minimum two (2) years course duration
  • Netherlands: Bewijis van inschrijving in een Specialistenregister (Certificate of recognition And Registration/certificate of entry in the Specialist Register) * Medisch Specialisten Registratie Commissie (MRSC) * Sociaal-Geneeskundigen Registratie Comissie * Huisarts en Verpleeghuisarts Registratie Comissie (HVRC) van de Koninklike Nederlandsche Maatschappij tot Bevordering der Geneeskunst – note that only certificates issued before 19 July 2007 are accepted from this awarding body * Registratie Comissie Geneeskundig Specialisten (RGS)
  • New Zealand: Fellowship of the Royal College/Colleges (the fellowship should be by Exam and not an endorsed or elected fellowship)
  • Norway: Spesialistgodkjenning issued by the Den Norske Legeforening (Medical Association of Norway) or Norwegian Directorate of Health
  • Singapore
  • South Africa: Masters of Medicine (M. Med) Degree; Fellowship Certificate approved by the Colleges of Medicine of South Africa (CMSA)South Korea
  • Spain: Título de Especialista (professional qualification of a specialist) issued by the Spanish Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs or the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture
  • Sweden: Bevis om specialistkompetens som läkare (certificate of the right to use the title of specialist) issued by the Socialstyrelsen (National Board of Health and Welfare of Sweden)
  • DHCA Graduates Approved programs.




Gross Salary: between 18,000 USD & 20,000 USD per month varies based on your Qualifications, Experience Level & Clinical Privileges



  • Contract Status: Single
  • Salary: varies based on your Qualifications, Experience Level & Clinical Privileges
  • Gross Salary is inclusive housing, transportation and airline tickets
  • Applicable
  • Annual Holiday: 10 Calendar days.
  • Annual Vacation: 30 Calendar days



  • This Position is subject to periodic review and may be changed at any time.
  • Only eligible applicants who have been shortlisted will be contacted for interview and will be kept informed.
  • We receive a large amount of highly qualified and experienced applicants making competition for each advertised position very tough. Not everyone can be selected for a position.
  • If you applied to this position earlier and weren’t contacted by the agency that means your CV is either under review or not shortlisted.


Dubai - United Arab Emirates