Patient Relations Manager (Dubai)

  • A.TCOM
  • 06 Jan, 2019
Full time Hospital Management

Job Description

Our Client is one of the top-notch busiest private hospitals in Dubai, UAE seeking a Patients Relations Manager to Manage, organize the professional in-patient care services, assist and supervise all patient needs and requirements. Help settle patient problems and ensure complete patient satisfaction. Manage and coordinate within Patient Services, including Patient and Visitor Relations (Inpatient and Ambulatory Care), International Patient and Volunteer Services

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Manage and organize all the Inpatient Services concerns in all routine and necessary matters and take charge of all basic needs related to Patient Care.
  2. Serve as senior representative of Patient Relations activities and take an active responsibility for resolving patient complaints, billing and cash collection as a front line department.
  3. Ensure that all patient relations/health services coordinators, practice a caring attitude to the patients and their family at all times.
  4. Maintain harmonious relationship with all patients and their family at all times.
  5. Maintain Patients privacy including confidentiality of patient information and respects patient’s individual psychosocial, cultural, and religious preferences.
  6. Promptly and fully investigates and responds to complaints of patients, visitors, physicians, through own action or appropriate referral.
  7. Collect Patient suggestions, questionnaires and forward to the concerned department for necessary actions.
  8. Conduct utilization reviews and/or quality assurance surveys and prepares related reports.
  9. Participate in maintaining a safe, orderly and therapeutic environment.
  10. Organize in escorting V.I.P. patients.
  11. Make rounds and liaises with departmental receptionist/supervisors to identify and resolve problems.
  12. Meet with the physicians periodically to identify and resolve problems.
  13. Interact on a continuous basis with other departments by directing activities toward problem resolution.
  14. Educate the patient about medications; follow up appointments etc., whenever required.
  15. Coordinate with other department related to Insurance, Referral Office, etc. and retrieves the patient information as needed.
  16. Recommend space, equipment and other resources needed for patient care.
  17. Guide, assist the patients and their families’ members to improve the patient satisfaction.
  18. Review activities of patient services and make recommendation for changes in complete patient care and satisfaction.
  19. Ensure sufficient resources and staffing are available for the delivery of safe and quality service (e.g., space, equipment, supplies, staffing, and other resources).
  20. Ensure the provision of orientation, training, and continuing education for the staff working in the department.
  21. Support performance measurement and improvement of the outcomes of the department consistent with the hospital wide quality improvement, patient safety, and risk management plans and monitor the performance of the staff.
  22. Monitor the appropriate performance indicators (e.g., two indicators at a time) and involve regular data collection and analysis and appropriate improvement actions/projects.
  23. Participate in quality improvement and patient safety activities and receive and arrange trainings on quality assessment and improvement.
  24. Comply and implement all hospital policies and procedures.
  25. Perform other applicable tasks and duties assigned within the realm of his knowledge, skills and abilities.


Working Condition

  • Working Hours: 48 Hours / Week
  • Shifts: Shifts will be based on the operational requirements of the units  
  • Contract Period 3 Years Renewable
  • Probation Period 3 Months
  • Full time / Single Contract


Minimum Educational/Professional Qualifications:

  1. Educational: Bachelor Degree
  2. Professional: Health Administration, Business Administration or Equivalent
  3. Certification: Relevant certifications
  4. Professional Experience: At least 5 years’ experience in the same field. At least 2 years at supervisory level position.


Specialized Knowledge:

  • Managing Staff and department needs
  • Excellent Computer Skills.
  • Ability to interact effectively with customers.
  • Good written and oral communication skills in Arabic and English.
  • Ability to articulately negotiate and advocate effectively on key issues
  • Demonstrates effective interpersonal relations with patients and other groups with whom functional relationships are required.
  • Ability to initiate and participate effectively.
  • Demonstrated problem solving, conflict resolution and decision making skills.
  • Should have in-depth knowledge of patient relations, administrative, and can deal with emergency situations.


Behavioral Competencies:

Core Competencies

  1. Driver of Excellence
  2. Team Builder and Effective Communicator
  3. Safety and Health Promoter
  4. Customer Sponsor

Leadership Competencies

  1. Future Builder
  2. Inspiring Leader
  3. Decisive Executor
  4. Talent Developer

Person Specifications:

  1. Excellent interpersonal skills with all staff, patients and families.
  2. Highly energetic
  3. Well organized and multitasking
  4. Excellent interpersonal skills
  5. Stress & Time Management
  6. Strong interpersonal skills
  7. Strong analytical and problem solving abilities
  8. Awareness of and sensitivity to cultural differences
  9. Ability to work effectively within a multi- disciplinary team.
  10. Ability to work effectively within a service and organization committed to achieving accreditation.


DESCRIPTION  Monthly / USD Yearly / USD
Tax Free Basic Salary  USD 3,406 USD 40,872
Housing Allowance (Paid Quarterly) USD 2,044 USD 24,523
Transportation Allowance  USD 218 USD 2,616
Cost of Living Allowance USD 1,144 USD 13,733
TOTAL SALARY (10% +/-) USD 6,812 USD 81,744
BENEFITS Monthly / USD Yearly / USD
Service award, 21 Days per Year USD 199 USD 2,384
Air Tickets Once per year  Provided  Provided 
Healthcare Insurance  Provided  Provided 
Vacation 30 Days per Year Provided  Provided 
Holidays 10 Days per Year Provided  Provided 


* Salary varies 10% +/- based on your Qualifications, Experience Level & Clinical Privileges
* This Position is subject to periodic review and may be changed at any time in consultation with the employee.
* Only eligible applicants who have been shortlisted will be contacted for interview and will be kept informed. 
* We receive a large amount of highly qualified and experienced applicants making competition for each advertised position very tough. Not everyone can be selected for a position.
* If you applied to this position earlier and weren’t contacted by the agency that means your CV is either under review or not shortlisted.


Dubai - United Arab Emirates